Yang Hai, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
University of California, Santa Barbara

B.S. Chemistry, Peking University, 2011
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Pennsylvania, 2016
LSRF Postdoctoral Fellow, UCLA, 2020

Email: hai[AT]

Postdoctoral Scholars

Jinmin Gao

Ph.D. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS (2021)
M.S. Institute of Microbiology, CAS (2017)
B.S. Ocean University of China, (2014)

Research Interests: Natural product biosynthesis and biocatalysis
Favorite Enzyme: Metalloenzyme
Science Hero: Emily Balskus
Fun Fact: Jinmin likes running. She has participated in several half marathons. She likes to tell lame jokes.

Shaonan Liu

Ph.D. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS (2021)
M.S. Sun Yat-sen University (2017)
B.S. Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (2014)

Research Interests: Natural product biosynthesis
Favorite Enzyme: Transmethylase
Science Hero: R. B. Woodward
Fun Fact: Shaonan likes eating delicious food.

Graduate Students

Darwin Lara (22′, BMSE)

Research Interest: Drug design and synthetic chemistry
Favorite Enzyme: Creatine Kinase
Science Hero: Elizabeth S. Sattely
Fun Fact: Darwin likes watching anime.

Research Assistants

Xu Shay He

Research Scientist of Chemistry, HitGen Inc. (2017-2022)
M.S. Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, CAS (2017)
B.S. Sichuan University (2014)

Research Interests: Structural Biology & Medicinal Chemistry
Favorite Enzyme: Transferase
Science Hero: Phil S. Baran
Fun Fact: Shay has a great cooking instinct.

Undergraduate Students

Ryan Cheng (Class of 2024, Biology Major)

Research Interest: Molecular Biology and Microbiology
Fun Fact: Ryan likes to play ultimate frisbee and he is a member of the UCSB black tide team.

Chen Zhou (Class of 2023, Chemistry Major)

Research Interest: Genes and Biosynthesis
Favorite Enzyme: DNA Polymerase
Science Hero: Yuan Longping
Fun Fact: Chen loves music and he plays electric guitar!

Yuki Xu (Class of 2024, Biology Major)

Research Interest: Biomedical Science
Favorite Enzyme: Cyclin-Dependent Kinase (CDK)
Science Hero: Katalin Kariko
Fun Fact: Yuki raises a little parrot and his name is Dino because Yuki believes all birds are dinosaurs.

Christopher Perucho (Class of 2023, Biochemistry Major)

Research Interest: Biomedical/Bioinformatic
Favorite Enzyme: bilirubin-UGG
Science Hero: Lily Min (first chemistry teacher)
Fun Fact: Chris liked to skateboard and collect antiques!

Silin Guo (Class of 2025, Chemistry and Mathematics double Major)

Research Interest: Pharmaceutics and biomaterials.
Favorite Enzyme: Telomerase
Science Hero: Leonardo da Vinci
Fun Fact: Silin plays some instruments, but always wants to try something new.

Joey Zhao (Class of 2023, Chemistry Major)

Research Interest: biochemical synthesis and biomaterials.
Favorite Enzyme: Peroxidase
Science Hero: Louis Le Chatelier
Fun Fact: Joey likes basketball and badminton. He also enjoys playing card games with friends.

Zhongrui Li (Research Assistant, 2020-2021), currently graduate student at TSRI (San Diego)

Benjamin Jones (Graduate student, 2021)

Yan Jin (Graduate student, 2021).

Asish Chacko (Graduate student, 2021)

Jasper Moh (Undergraduate student, 2020-2021, graduate study at JHU )

Zixuan Jiang (Undergraduate student, 2020-2021)

Chloe Reavill (Undergraduate student, 2021)

Matthew Hurtado (Undergraduate student, 2021)

Wendy Wang (Undergraduate student, 2021)

Darwin Lara (Undergraduate student, 2021-2022; graduate study at UCSB)

Chris Yeh (Undergraduate student, 2021; graduate study at UC Irvine)

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