Discovery, Understanding, and Application of Enzymes

Our research projects span a broad range of topics, incluing mechanistic enzymology, structural biology, chemical biology, biosynthesis, biocatalysis, and biomaterials.

Welcome to the Hai research group

Mechanistic & Structural Enzymology

We use combined methods and techniques from biochemistry, biophysics, chemical and structural biology to study enzyme function, mechanism, and structure. We study amino acid and lipid metabolism, biosynthetic enzymes involved in natural product and cofactor bioysnthesis, and peptide/protein post-translationally modifying enzymes. (Stay tuned for details).

Biosynthesis & Biocatalysis

Enzymes involved in natural product biosynthesis are capable of carrying out challenging chemical transformations in a stereospecific manner. We will uncover new enzymes through genome mining to expand the toolboxes of biocatalysts, and we will leverage our expertise in enzymology to engineer these enzymes in order to harness their synthetic potentials.

Biomolecular tools & materials

We develop synthetic biological approaches for the synthesis of functional biopolymers and other biomaterials in collaboration with experts in materials science on campus. We are also interested in developing protein/peptide-based imaging tools and sensors for application in health, environmental protection, agriculture and food safety.

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